Hiking on Hydra

Hiking on Hydra

The Monastery of Prophet Elias

After 2 hours of walking through Pine Woods we got rewarded with a very beautiful view to the Saronic Gulf.

Also good for Shopping :) We bought Wild-Rose Buds (Tea) and some handmade things.

Weird things to observe on the way, looks like a Metamorphosis.


Hiking to the East of Hydra

A beautiful way through Kamini, Pine-Woods to Agia Marina.

[View to Molos Beach]

[Kamini Sunset]

The Monastery Theotokos of Zouvras

Walking over 6 hours in the mountains, and 4 hours of them lonely in the “wild”. Not alone, with many insects and thousands of grasshoppers (they jump arround at nearly every step), lizards and snakes on the way, no Kiosk, no Source of Water …

After more than 3 hours walking in the mountains, i heard a strange “grinding” noise between the stones, it was the first time is saw a snake at this size in Greece. Maybe a toxic Vipera, but fortunely shy, and the dark viper dissapeared between the stones after she recognized me.

Hiking 6 hours with one and a half kilo of water for two persons was a bit self-destructing and ended in a challenge.

The Sun burned at this day and when we arrived at the Monastery of Zouvras, it was closed, because of the Siesta. We already reached our borders before we arrived. We had to call a Sea-Taxi to “rescue” us from sunstroke or heat shock.

What i’ve learned: Know which animals could be arround, good hiking shoes (with hiking socks), and bring enough water (calculate for two persons) into the Mountains.

Written on October 20, 2018
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