a small Dolomiti Tour

a small Dolomiti Tour

First Stop: Merano, beautiful ways to walk arround, for example the “Tappeinerweg”.

Lago di Carezza

Next Stop in South-Tirol: Karersee (Lago di Carezza) - i would defenitily consider the region harmful, if you are vulnerable to the culture-shock desease ;-)

The Colors there came from a magican who dropped a rainbow in the Lake.

rosegarden (Rosengarten/Catinaccio)

Theres a mountain group, the rosegarden, with glowing Alps, the optical phenomenon of Alpenglow, which came from a saga of Re Laurin.
The rosegrove changes their color to red, purple or pink during or after sunset.

To walk in a breeze of fresh air in silence and to see the sunrise is also a Joy.

the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

[Monti del Sole]

Cadini of Brenton

[Soffia Waterfalls]

Across the street from the Soffia Waterfalls is Cardini of Brenton.

[Cardini of Brenton]

With a small botanical Garden and a Information Center with a helpful Guide is a waterfall with more than 10 layers.

[Cardini of Brenton Layers]

Lago del Mis

[Lago del Mis view from Val Falcina]

At the “Lago del Mis” is an amazing path “Val Falcina” arround an arm of the Lake.

After 1-2 hours walk it is like an jungle (botanical and animals, even Ghosts (i read they formed the rocks or stones))

[Hiking at “Lago del Mis”]

Bus del Buson

Spetacular Path through a small canyon.

[Bus del Buson]

There’s a Parking Lot at Case Batot. Follow the sign to Rif. 7 Alpini, on that path, take the second way to Bus del Buson (we had that recommendation and it was great).

[ferns, flowers, butterflys and bees]

[Bus del Buson]

Written on August 29, 2020
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