Linux upstream up and running

Shell Essentials


  • Meld (graphical merge commits)

Graphical Environments

Clicking and pointing was so boring in my Childhood, because i had a graphical Enviroment (GEOS) with a joystick, but without a mouse ;-). I sticked to the BASIC-Shell like most of us C64ers did.

Gnome 3

awesomeWM and XFCE

Sometimes i think about a switch back to XFCE or to awesomeWM.

BTW i used to stick with vanilla debian or debian-based distros like crunchbang. In 2015 i gave archlinux a try on my workstation and never looked back. For me is Linux the Operating System that made OS Choice a independent Choice. I still use and enjoy, due to MOTU hardware, an airmac with macOSX for Soundrecording.

Written on March 16, 2018
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